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Canadian GELBVIEH GUIDE Magazine

Official Publication of the Canadian Gelbvieh Association

5160 Skyline Way NE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Phone: 403.250.8640 • Fax: 403.291.5624 •


Fall - September 1

Spring - January 1

Summer - May 1


Fall - October 1

Spring - February 1

Summer - June 1

Subscribe to the Gelbvieh Guide..... Members of the Canadian Gelbvieh Association will receive the Gelbvieh Guide with their membership. If you are not a CGA member and wish to receive the Gelbvieh Guide or know of someone who should be in the mailing list, please send your/their Name and complete Address and $20 canadian to the Canadian Gelbvieh Association Office . To help defray the cost of foreign postage, to out of country subscribers, please remit $50.00 cdn with your subscription information.

Member Advertising Rates....
Full Page $850.00 cdn
1/2 Page $500.00 cdn
1/4 Page $300.00 cdn
Business Card $150.00 cdn (3 issues)
Classified Ad $20.00 cdn
(25 words)

All ads are printed in full color.

Contact the Candian Gelbvieh Association to book advertising space, or for rates on overruns, inserts, & mailing lists.

Please send ads and make cheques payable to the Canadian Gelbvieh Assocaition

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